At BiosenSource, we are committed to increase the pace of drug discovery by developing novel measurement and data analysis technologies.


BiosenSource has been founded in November 2015 as a spin-off of imec and VUB, valorizing research on interactions between biomolecules. Immediately after launch, the firm was selected for the Nano4Health fast track to innovation, an initiative that is part of the European H2020 program. With the 30k€ funding received as a part of this track, BiosenSource is investing in the development of its first measurement device. This device will allow researchers to characterize biomolecular interactions in a faster and simpler manner than possible today, impacting both fundamental research -i.e., understanding diseases- and drug discovery. At the same time, BiosenSource provides consultancy services, sharing its expertise in bioinformatics and device engineering with customers.


October 2016: flemish ‘growth subsidy’ granted (10 k€)

June 2016: Nano4Health award: project with the highest potential for creating or shaping new value

March 2016: graduation from the Startit@KBC incubator

November 2015: selection for the Nano4Health fast track to innovation (30 k€ subsidy)

May 2015: 5th prize in Bizidee, a Flemish business plan competition

October 2014: selection for incubation at Startit@KBC

April 2014: 2nd prize in ‘Battle of Talents’, a business plan competition for students (5 k€)