Liesbeth van Oeffelen, PhD

Liesbeth is the founder and driving force behind BiosenSource. At the age of 14, she lost her grandmother from cancer, which made her realize that she wanted to contribute to the development of new, better drugs, by creating novel technologies. She studied civil electrotechnical engineering and worked on several academic research project, leading to a PhD in Bio-Engineering Sciences at VUB (Vrije Universiteit Brussel) and IMEC (Interuniversity Micro-Electronics Centre). During her PhD, she developed software applications to analyze biological data, and started the development of a measuring device to study biomolecular interactions, such as protein-DNA, protein-protein, and drug-target  interactions. In November 2015, Liesbeth founded BiosenSource, aiming to continue her work and to make it available not only to her academic colleagues, but to researchers worldwide.

Sebastian Tanco, PhD

Sebastian is an Argentinian biochemist who started performing research in a nanotechnology lab during his undergraduate studies. Afterwards, he participated in research projects as diverse as the identification of new targets for the treatment of Chagas disease, the structural characterization of proteases by X-ray crystallography, or the characterization of protein-protein interactions. Sebastian joined BiosenSource in September 2017, bringing his broad experience in biomolecular interactions to help in the development of novel technologies that will impact the drug development process.


Joeri De Vos

Joeri obtained a diploma in business management, and has been developing software and electronics as a hobby throughout the years.  Professionally, he occupied several administrative functions, allowing him to become very skilled at developing marketing material. Because of Liesbeth’s contagious enthusiasm – which Joeri couldn’t escape, being her husband – Joeri joined the company in February 2017 on a part-time basis,  providing mainly administrative support.