Company values

Would you like to join us? First check if you match our company values:

‘The best version of yourself is the one in which you continuously search to improve.’

  • Curiosity
    You are curious and passionate to learn new things and solve new problems. A large part of your work will consist of learning, which will help you to achieve goals that you didn’t imagine before. As a company, we invest in your learning, because we believe personal and company development go together. We expect that you too invest in learning: you look up information and follow courses outside working hours that you believe may help you to progress in your job, career or personal life.

‘To push back frontiers, you need to go the extra mile.’

  • Perseverance
    You don’t easily give up. If something doesn’t work, you’re determined to find out why, and to find an alternative way that may work, even if it requires courage to get far outside of your comfort zone. You keep trying until you get something that works or until you find scientific proof that what you want to achieve simply cannot work.

‘Success is only achieved if it is shared.’

  • Win-win-win
    With the products we build, we want to create great added value for our customers (the first win). A part of that value we capture, which allows us to maintain and grow the company (the second win) by investing in the development of new products and services that will make our company successful in its mission. To achieve a sustainable business and sustainable growth, we share our success with employees, contractors and suppliers (the third win).


We currently have no vacancies. Nevertheless, we are always open to applications for internships or master theses. To apply, please send your cv and motivation letter to We’re looking forward to meeting you.